Policy brief for the European Parliament

Patrik Ström has written a policy brief for the European Parliament IMCO-comittee on Services and the Green Transition.

New published book

Håvard Haarstad and Grete Rusten have together with scholars within geography and other social sciences in Norway recently published a book about Green restructuring initiatives and options for Norway regarding this matter. The book (in Norwegian) includes discussions around urban planning and the role of municipalities as well as company strategies related to the circular economy.   It also covers chapters on various industries such as the future development of respectively the petroleum, shipping and offshore wind sector and the wood based building industry. Conflicting mining projects as well as reforestation challenges linked to grazing fields that are also included. Finally, how the young thinks about our environmental challenges.

Hårstad, H. and Rusten, G. (2018 red). Grønn omstilling – norske veivalg, Universitetsforlaget

Green Economy hosted the Workshop Uneven pathways towards the Green Economy

18.-19. January  2018, at Linköping University, Campus Norrköping.

Thanks to professor Brita Hermelin for organizing this very inspiring event.  Further info:

Book published by the Green Economies Network

Jones, A., Ström, Hermelin, B. and Rusten, G. 2017 (eds). Services and the green economy. (Palgrave Macmillan)

The book address a significant gap in the knowledge and understanding of sustainable economic development. Bringing together a range of expert contributions the book analyses the role of services and service industries in the transition to a greener economy. Framed by an approach within environmental economic geography, chapters written by leading researchers from a range of disciplines explore how service industries, service firms and service activities are at heart of green economic processes. Adopting a global perspective, it includes research from the US, Europe, South America and Japan, providing a detailed insight into how the crucial role of service industry activity has often been ignored in current understandings of a green economic transition.

For more info:

Green Economies Workshop

The Green Economies Network held an international workshop with invited researchers and PhD-students at Bjørnefjorden Guesthouse nearby Bergen on the 13th and 14th of November 2014. More information here.

EUs High-Level Group on Business Services

Patrik Ström the president of RESER are among the members of EUs High-Level Group on Business Services. This group has in 2014 delivered their report to the European Commission in 2014. The report also includes green economy. Click here for more details.

Presentation of PhD research project

Helge L. Tvedt presents his PhD research. Click here for more information.

RESER Mobility Grant 2013

Helge Lea TVEDT,  , Phd student in the University of Bergen  (Norway) has been invited to spend time in the Center for International business studies, department of business administration in the university of Gothenburg  (Sweden). Click here for more information.

Network member appointed as the new President of RESER

General Assembly held in Bucharest on September 22nd, 2012 has elected Patrik Ström, School of Business, Economics and Law, Universities of Gothenburg as the new President of RESER

Master thesis on green innovations

Helge Lea Tvedt finished master his thesis in geography at University of Bergen on the 11th June 2012 with a thesis titled: Green Innovation- a study of the innovation process by two spin-off enterprises from R&D institutions in Bergen.  The theoretical approach includes theories of innovation systems, intrapreneurship and technology transfer.  Empirical evidence includes case studies based on semi-structured interviews among the entrepreneurs and key players from some of the other organizations that have been involved in the innovation process. It also includes some secondary sources such as official statistics, company and governmental reports.

Grant from RESER

In the end of February 2012, the network received the RESER European Association for Research on Services- Small research Grant.