Student Projects

Ongoing projects

The Construction Industry and the Green Economy  

By Malene Utkilen

The master’s thesis will investigate how the building material industry is ncluded in the green economy, and possibilities and challenges for this inclusion. The empirical approach is an environmentally efficient resource management from a business perspective. A greater emphasis on the construction business and building materials in the green economy has emerged in the Norwegian context during the past year. Where the earlier focus has mainly considered efficient use of energy in the building, there is now a greater emphasis on the built energy and the environmental impact of different building materials. This is the approach my research will use. The theoretical discussion relevant for this approach is the circular economy, including efficient resource use, renewable resources, recycling of building materials, and environmentally defensible deposits. A Lean methodology will also form a relevant discussion, in addition to theories of Ecoprenership. The scientific research approach will be threefold; first there will be a mapping of the current status of the construction industry in the green economy. Second, a survey will be useful in order to gain an organisational view of the construction industry. Third, a few case studies will be included in the research. The preferable case studies would be new commercial buildings in Norway with great environmental ambitions.

Past projects

The green shift – A geographical case study of women entrepreneurs in environmental consulting businesses

By Oda Totland Bongom

This ongoing project is a study of women entrepreneurship with particular focus on the environmental consulting services in Norway in rural as well as urban locations. The study will in particular focus on consultancy services dealing with green certificate projects. This concerns especially Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) which is Norway’s most widespread form of environmental certification targeting clients both in the public and commercial sector. Research questions include the entrepreneurs’ motivation for starting their own business with a particular focus on their motivation for working with environmental issues, business strategies and also how they work and interact with their clients.


Enterprises and environmental strategy, a case study of cradle to cradle (C2C) certified companies in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands.

By Thea Johanne Kopperud

The main focus in this study is on the companies’ motivation for this type of commitment. It also concern what challenges they face linked to these form of certification model and to what extent the certification process affects the innovation and ongoing business operations.

C2C as a strategy for regional development is also discussed. The concept of the circular economy is an additional important theoretical concept, which along with C2C is driving forces for environmental development of economic activities in the same direction.

New master thesis suggestions

1)    The geography of green building projects in Norway

2)    The greening of supply chains structures, strategies and constraints

3)    Windy regional development- a systematic analysis of municipalities with realized and planned onshore windmill projects

4)    The link between sustainability and profitability: exploring the economic motivation of    going green

5)    The geography of solar energy projects in Norway

6)    Industrial symbiosis: sustainable design principles of agglomerations